A Wall of Cameras, a Tour of Duty, and a Film Festival

So what’s been happening the last few weeks? A fair bit.

I wrapped filming on Attack of the Tropes on July 3rd (which, rumor has it, is nicely stuck into post-production), and drove down to San Diego the following week for a gig with Sony Computer Entertainment (just happened to be the same weekend as Comic-Con, but fortunately for all involved, I left my Princess Leia outfit at home). I was hired to have my head “scanned” into an upcoming PS3 title (I don’t know what it is, and even if I did, Sony would put a hit on me if I told). The whole experience felt very Tron-ish – a wall of cameras were lined up to photograph me from every possibly angle simultaneously (except, when they didn’t – “Misfire!”) I had to contort my face into dozens of different configurations to help the game designers build a repertoire of character expressions. The expressions tended to be at the extreme, and a few times my jaw felt like it might come unhinged. Who knew sitting in a chair and getting photographed could give you muscle cramp?

Several auditions and a birthday later, an opportunity came up for a role as a soldier in a U.S. Military training video, produced by Poya Pictures. We filmed out in Santa Clarita at the prolific Blue Cloud Movie Ranch (where notable scenes in Ironman, the TV series JAG, and hundreds of other film, television, and commercial productions have done location filming). There were 5 of us playing soldiers on the day (and would you believe it, two of us were Brits playing Americans!) I don’t have any pics of me in Kevlar and camouflage (hoping to get some from the on-set photographer soon), but fellow soldier on set (and former U.S. Marine!) Javier Lezama kindly let me post a few of his snapshots (see below):

Javier Lezama

As you can see, Javier is the real deal.


Cast and crew took home hundreds of leftover bananas!

On August 1st, the romantic-comedy short Moving Boxes (which wrapped filming in April), premiered at Prescott Film Festival. Moving Boxes has also been selected as part of Prescott Film Festival’s monthly series, with a screening on August 15th.