The Time of Your Life (2010)


"The Time of Your Life" poster

“In the time of your life, live – so that in that wondrous time you shall not add to the misery and sorrow of the world, but shall smile to the infinite variety and mystery of it.”
William Saroyan

I was Nick in The Time of Your Life at Elon University in January-February 2010.  It remains one of my favorite roles, partially because of the great fun I had playing Nick’s character (the bartender who runs Frisco’s  “low-class dive,” the play’s setting), but also because of the tremendous ensemble in this show (as you can see from the cast list below).  William Saroyan wrote these characters lovingly, but simply.  There’s no Shakespeare here, but there is an assured beauty in the words and the characters themselves, which lends itself to an every-man kind of story-telling.  Troubled yet passionate customers come and go on the daily grind, and the bar becomes a tangible place: I can see why this five-act Broadway show won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama back in 1939.  They just don’t make ’em like this anymore!

The show is rarely produced in regional theatres due to the impressively large ensemble cast, so I will definitely savor my memories from this rare production of a fine show.  Enjoy the gallery of a few select highlights from our eleven performance run:

The Time of Your Life

By William Saroyan

Directed by Kirby Wahl
Produced by Elon University Department of Performing Arts

Scenic Design by David Minkoff
Lighting Design by Bill Webb
Costume Design by Jack Smith
Sound Design by Michael Smith
Stage Management by Lynnae Vana

Ben Morris as Joe
Brendan Kane as Tom
Ross Denyer as Nick
Kristina Loeffke as Kitty Duval
Mark St. Cyr as Wesley
Clark Kinkade as Harry
Amy McNabb as Lorene
Luke Sanderford as Dudley
Kat Nardizzi as Elsie
Richard McNulty as Blick
Kabby Borders as Mary
Kevin Manship as The Arab
Rafe Andrews as Krupp
Chris Kalfas as McCarthy
Anthony Bruno as Willie
Joe Markley as Newsboy
Katie Felten as Anna
Teddy Scott as Kit Carson
Justin Noga as Drunkard
Will Sanborn as Society Gentleman
Chelsea LeValley as Society Lady
Alyson Wells as Killer
Megan Haley as Sidekick
Devin O’Connell as Cop #1
Luke Gunn as Cop #2

(UPDATE 11/30/2013: photo gallery is currently being rebuilt)

Photos Courtesy of David Minkoff