When it Rains

April has been a busy month for me, and I couldn’t be happier. Just wrapped filming last weekend as the lead in a romantic-comedy short in Prescott, Arizona and this weekend I’m acting in a serialized Sci-Fi feature film, complete with green screen, giant spaceship sets, and aliens! I’ve been auditioning on a regular basis, my short film “Quiet Mountain” has been released on Vimeo and YouTube and is now featured on IMDb as it makes its way to a few film festivals (fingers crossed), and some projects I filmed last year are beginning to get released.

But perhaps the most remarkable moments of April have happened when I least expected them. I’ve met some really fantastic people on set, off set, in coffee shops, karaoke bars, airplanes, shuttle buses, and even just walking down the street. I’ve met like-minded souls, complete-opposites, seriously funny people, and intensely committed artists. I also received this pearl of wisdom from a man I worked with: “I have a story as we all do and it’s made me who I am, and when i get the chance to be with people who allow that self to come out, brilliance happens.”

I believe our best work happens when we are our truest selves. And it’s so much easier for our true selves to make an appearance when we create an environment of mutual respect and undying curiosity. It’s a tough world, but sometimes a gentle touch is more helpful … and disarming.

One last pearl, from a brave and gentle storyteller: “Grace is not a matter of time. It is a matter of timing.”

Here are a few “new releases” (which somehow feel so very long ago):

Ghostbusters 3 Phone App Promo from Ross Denyer on Vimeo.

Ross Denyer appears with Nicole Neuman in a promo for a Ghostbusters 3 smartphone app. Directed by Tyler Jensen.

“Tennis” (short film, 2011) from Ross Denyer on Vimeo.

"Tennis" is an experimental short film about a high-stakes tennis match …. to the death! Directed by Darren Herczeg. Ross Denyer features as a member of the Black Guard. Filmed on location in Malibu, CA.*

*I’m the one in the white facepaint.