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Kitten Kollege - History Class

Whiskas Kitten Kollege – History Class, produced in partnership with College Humor.

Ross Denyer in Attack of the Tropes

Ross in ‘Attack of the Tropes’ – Car Fight on Vimeo.

Ross Denyer in You Are in Bedford, Man

Ross in ‘You Are in Bedford, Man’ on Vimeo.

Ross Denyer Acting Reel 2012

Ross Denyer’s Acting Reel on Vimeo.

Ross Denyer Commercial Reel

Ross Denyer’s Commercial Reel on Vimeo.

Normal Activity

Normal Activity (2013), award-winning short film on Vimeo.

Ghostbusters 3 Phone App Promo

Ghostbusters 3 Phone App Promo on Vimeo.

DIY Martial Arts (with Brad!)

DIY Martial Arts (with Brad!) on YouTube.

Attack of the Tropes Teaser Trailer

Attack of the Tropes Teaser Trailer on Vimeo.


A scene from ‘Sex, Lies, and Videotape’ on Vimeo.

Just Desserts

‘Just Desserts’, produced through Little Kraken Films.

The Viewpoints Project

Ross Denyer on The Viewpoints Project.

Ross Denyer talks about the culmination of his Elon College Fellows undergraduate research project, “The Viewpoints Project”, which took place in January-February 2011 at Elon University. The project was inspired by Ross’s training with Anne Bogart and the SITI Company in Saratoga Springs, NY, in summer 2009.